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Newbie with pics.

Greetings all, I'm Star, and I confess a rather strong focus, shall we say, for the men of the United Kingdom. Particularly Ioan Gruffud, Christopher Eccleston, Christian Coulson and the highly under-appreciated Hans Matheson. Which is who I bring you pics of. These are two pics, large in size, so not dialup friendly I'm afraid, but under cuts. :) (I also own pastywhitebrits and hans_stills, and the Hans Matheson Appreciation Site. My focus is strong.)

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Hello! First post so i thought i'd introduce myself.

This community seems to rock, already - also. :P

I'm Caragh - 21 from Glasgow. I seem to have a weakness involving british men (mostly comedians) over the age of 30. (But i'm open to the odd exception :P)
Which isn't an ideal situation out there in reality land, but in the world of celebrity i wouldn't have it any other way!

So i thought i'd start by posting some pics of a few guys i'm into at the minute.

I tend to go through phases, sometimes called obsessions by others haha, but who i'm into just depends on mostly what i've been watching... oddly.

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Hey everyone!

I'm new to this group - and unsure if messages like this are allowed, but I own a Colin Firth msn group that I've recently opened and I've spent the past god knows how long capping the colin films and things that I have and gathering pictures all together and uploading them to the group.

If you'd like to be a member - please point yourselves over here Pictures are free to be used as icons and banners etc - just please do credit the group :o)

Kym xx


And how glad am I to find this community?
Hullo *waves* My favourite Brit actors are Alan Rickman, Dylan Moran, Ioan Gruffud, Peter Serafinowitz, Damian Lewis, James Purefoy, Billy Boyd, Alan Cumming, David Walliams and Jonathan Rhys-meyers...yeah, and thats just my favourites.